Solar Panel

With energy prices continuing to soar, solar power offers a permanent solution to safeguard your pockets – and keep more money in them.

Why Solar?


A solar energy system installed on the roof of your home or business will continue to generate free electricity for years on end. Installing a PV solar energy system on your property is an investment that will not only pay for itself, but can potentially translate into future financial returns.
You’ll benefit from:
How affordable the solar power systems currently are
Saving on your electricity bill from day one. Electricity and energy usage prices are rising, but with solar, it won’t affect you.
South Australia’s sunny climate. Use it to power your home or business.
Federal rebates and incentives
The value it’ll add to your property (and your conscience).
At electroscale Electrical, we specialise in renewable energy technologies. We work with home and business owners across Adelaide to tackle one of their biggest problems – a growing electricity bill and, instead, generating their own energy.
We design, supply and install a complete custom photovoltaic (PV) system to your individual specifications. During the initial consultations, we’ll offer various system options and configurations, based on your property layout and needs. CEC accredited, our solar technicians are qualified to handle all capacities of the solar energy system work. See our solar power work in action.
Organised a free measure and quote with us today. Determine whether solar power is for you.